Organization Owner Overview


The Organization Owner role is the highest-level administrative role within Cadence. Organization Owners have access to all features and data across all departments.

All features that are available exclusively to Organization Owners are located under the "Organization" section in the menu:

Organization Owners also have access to all Department level features.

What do Organization Owners have access to?

Organization Owners have access to all departments, at an administrative level. This includes the ability to:

  • Create and delete users
  • Create and delete departments
  • Add/remove staff members from the department
  • Message any student in any department
  • Import, modify, and view all student data
  • Review usage activity, settings, and configuration for any departments
  • Review contractual information
  • Review usage reporting to a staff member level for all departments
  • Control access to API credentials for integration

Who should be an Organization Owner?

  • Someone who is an active user in Mongoose.  They may not be responsible for messaging with students, but they should be aware of how the platform works and how their campus is utilizing it.
  • CRM administrators or API developers who are responsible for data integration across multiple departments.
  • Someone with responsibility for the financial and budgetary aspects of using Cadence on campus.
  • For a smaller team utilizing a single department, it would be reasonable for one or more of the Department Admins to also be the Organization Owner.

How many Organization Owners do we need?

  • You must have at least one Organization Owner-- for a smaller set of users in a single department, one is probably enough.
  • For larger campuses, there should be just enough Organization Owners to provide monitoring, guidance, and support to each of the departments using Cadence.

Organization Owners vs. Department Admins?

Department Admins will typically be more involved in the daily operations of their department, including importing student data and reviewing errors, coordinating data integration, sending text messages on behalf of staff members, and monitoring daily usage of the platform.

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