Phone Number Validation FAQ

What is Phone Number Validation?

Phone Number Validation allows you to check the phone number(s) your students provide to find out if they are valid or invalid. Additionally, the validation also identifies if the number is a mobile, landline, or VOIP number, and will display the name of the carrier if available.

What are the benefits of turning on Phone Number Validation?

The validation can help you ensure student phone numbers in your CRM/ERP are accurate by verifying the type of phone number(s) a student has provided. You will be able to proactively identify invalid phone numbers and follow up with students to obtain a valid phone number for more successful outreach.

How does Phone Number Validation impact my experience using  Cadence ?
All student phone numbers can be validated prior to import, leading to a significant reduction in " undelivered" messages while drastically reducing the risk of your Cadence users being  blacklisted by carriers. The result is more accurate data and a more streamlined texting experience with students.

Is it required?

Activating Phone Number Validation is not required, but recommended. It is an add-on feature for your Mongoose contract.

Are there restrictions on how many numbers I can validate?

Activation covers an unlimited number of validations.

Note: Mongoose Terms of Service state that only student phone numbers currently used with or intended for use with Cadence should be entered into the validation tools.

What tools/features are included with Phone Number Validation?

- All student phone numbers will be automatically validated upon import (manual integrations and API integrations).

- Replies received from student phone numbers will automatically mark the phone number as valid.

- Phone numbers can be pasted into a text box for ad-hoc phone number validations. This method can be used to validate the phone numbers of students you have already imported into Cadence.

- On-demand student data reports will be available showing the current validation status for each student record/phone number.

If activated, who can use the validation tools?

Organization Owners and Department Admin users.

How do I activate Phone Number Validation?

Contact your Organization Owner. If you are an Organization Owner, navigate to Marketplace to activate validation. The cost to activate the feature will be displayed and you will be asked to confirm the activation. Please contact your Mongoose Client Success Lead with questions related to cost and billing.

For more information on this feature, see our full guide on  Phone Number Validation.

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