Phone Number Validation Billing FAQ

After activating Phone Number Validation, how long is it available?

It is available for 12 months and can be renewed after the term expires. You can enable validation at any time during your contract period. See "When will I be billed?" below for additional information.

What is the cost of Phone Number Validation?

The cost is calculated based on your school's FTE. If you have not activated validation, an  Organization Owner can navigate to Marketplace and locate Phone Number Validation to view the cost. Contact your Mongoose Client Success Lead with any questions related to the cost.

How will I be billed?

For existing clients/contracts, a separate invoice will be created and sent to you. For new clients/contracts, the cost will be added to the overall contract.

When will I be billed?

If you are a current client, you will be invoiced for a prorated amount for the remaining months of your contract when the service is activated. 

For example, if your Cadence contract runs from 4/1/2018 - 3/30/2019 and you enable Number Validation on 10/1/2018, your initial invoice will only be for 50% of the annual commitment, as there are only 6 months remaining in your contract. If you renew your Cadence contract for the following year, you would be invoiced the full 12 month commitment for Number Validation at that time, if you chose to continue the service.

How many numbers can I validate? Are there overages?

An unlimited number of phone numbers can be validated.
Note: Mongoose Terms of Service state that only student phone numbers currently used with or intended for use with  Cadence  s hould be entered into the validation tools.
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