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High Speed Sending is a feature that leverages a 10-digit toll-free number to allow for fast, high-throughput text messaging. That number is connected to a High Speed Inbox designed specifically for this purpose. To support this type of messaging, each inbox will have a set of credits that can be used and then replenished as needed.
For larger scale outreach to segments that contain many contacts, High Speed Sending is a recommended alternative to using a Shared Inbox or personal number, resulting in faster and more efficient sending speed and deliverability. Only one toll-free number (and therefore, one High Speed Inbox) can be configured per team in Cadence. 
The following resource will explain how to utilize this feature by covering the following:
- How a High Speed Inbox is created/steps for managing access to the inbox
- How to compose and send an outgoing message using the toll-free number. Includes best practices for High Speed message content.
- Current reporting options
- Message activity and credits
- Best practices for this type of messaging
Since this resource will focus specifically on using the feature itself, we highly recommend reviewing related documentation for answers to bigger picture questions about the setup process, credits/billing, and other frequently asked questions:

Setup and Management

Mongoose will provision a toll-free number for you to use. This number is not customizable. After the number is provisioned and configured for text messaging, Mongoose will create the new High Speed Inbox. In order to do that, we will need the following information:

  • Name of the team the High Speed Inbox should be created in
  • Name of the inbox (this is the name that displays in Cadence in the navigation on the left hand side)
  • List of users that should initially have access to the inbox
  • Voice forwarding number (if desired)

After the inbox is initially created, any Admin with access to it will be able to modify the name of the inbox, the display color, and user access list:

Users will receive an email confirmation upon being added or removed from a High Speed Inbox. Please see our overview on the setup process for more information and details.

Composing a Message

To create and send a message using the toll-free number:

1. From the navigation on the left hand side, click on [ Compose

2. Click on the  High Speed Inbox to proceed. Note that the current number of available credits is also displayed (more on credits in the Credits and Purchasing section below).

3. Create your message. Note that merge fields, templates, smart messages, and emoji are all available to use. Other features such as campaigns and MMS are not currently included with High Speed Sending. If you are including a link, ensure it is the full long link and not a short link (such as a bitly link), as carriers may refuse to deliver your messages if they contain a short link.

A few best practices to follow when creating your text message to ensure it reaches your recipients:

  • Use first name merge fields to ensure the message is personalized
  • If you are including a link in your outgoing message, ensure that you use only verified HTTPS links. Do not use redirects or link shorteners such as a bitly.
  • Avoid urgency language or other tactics (all caps, excessive symbols) that appear in actual spam language.
  • Use STOP language in your messages. When utilizing High Speed you will need to include opt out language in your messages. (e.g. ‘Text “stop” to be removed’).  Include "STOP" language on the first message to a new group (at a minimum)

4. Since it is most likely that you will use this feature to send to multiple recipients at once (as opposed to one-off messages), click the Segments tab to search for and find pre-created segments to send to (or create one by clicking on Segments from the navigation on the left hand side, then come back to the Compose page).

5. When you are done composing the message, click [ Next] to preview the message to ensure it is accurate.

6. Click [ Send Now] to send the message. Messages sent from the High Speed Inbox must be sent immediately; scheduling is not available at this time.

Note that there is a cap of 250 characters per outgoing message. Follow the on-screen messages to track when you are nearing the cap; your message will be cut off at 250 characters. Additionally, similar to shared inboxes, the Send as Assigned User and Send to My Assigned Contacts Only features are not applicable to high speed inboxes.

Incoming Replies and Responding

Anyone with access to the High Speed Inbox can view and reply to incoming messages and conversations. Cadence has built-in rules to help protect teams from double texting the same contact when replying such as an automatic lock on a conversation if another user is already typing a response.

There is also a pop-up notification to remind users if they have been viewing a conversation but idle for multiple minutes. The notification will have a countdown and if the user does not click [ I'm Still Here], they will be sent back to the Inbox or Archived page.

Opt Outs

Contacts may reply and opt out the same way they do after they receive messages from personal numbers or shared inboxes. These opt outs are reflected on the contact's record at the team level and an opt out logged from the High Speed Inbox will also opt out a contact from all text messages sent from the team, including messages sent from personal numbers or shared inboxes (see the Best Practices section below for additional tips on avoiding opt outs).

All opt outs that occur in Cadence, regardless of where they occurred (personal number, Shared Inbox, High Speed Inbox) will be shown in Opt-out Changes reports and if you are utilizing a native integration (Salesforce, Slate, Radius, Connect, etc.) or opt out webhooks, they will be appropriately handled with those integrations as well.

For more information, please review our resource on opt outs and keywords here.

Reporting and Sent Message Details

Message sending activity can be easily tracked on the Sent page of your High Speed Inbox.

Clicking into a message batch will show you metrics related to that outgoing message and will also allow you to export recipients and additional data. Please see our guide on the Sent Message Details page for more information.

Additionally, exports of message activity specific to the High Speed Inbox can be generated by an Admin user by clicking Export under Reports > High Speed Message Activity.

Credits and Purchasing

The High Speed Sending feature utilizes a credits-based system. Each outgoing message of 250 characters (or less) is equal to one credit, while incoming messages--regardless of length--are counted as one credit. The credit balance is displayed when you click on the High Speed Inbox from the left hand side navigation as well as when you click Compose to send a new message.

Please review our resources related to credits ( High Speed Sending - Setup and Process Overview and High Speed Sending FAQ) and contact your Mongoose Client Success Lead for any additional questions related to billing, credits, and invoicing.

Best Practices

Below are some general best practices to be aware of when utilizing this feature. Please reach out to your Mongoose Client Success Lead to discuss specific situations or use cases.

- If you are including a link in your outgoing message, ensure that you use  only verified HTTPS links. Do not use redirects or link shorteners such as a bitly links.

- Avoid urgency language or other tactics (all caps, excessive symbols) that appear in actual spam language

- Use first name merge fields to ensure the message is personalized

- Use STOP language in your messages. When utilizing High Speed you will need to include opt out language in your messages.  (e.g. ‘Text “stop” to be removed’).  Include stop language on the first message to a new group (at a minimum)

- Some example use cases for High Speed Sending are deadline reminders that do not require a response (e.g., “The deadline to complete X application is tomorrow morning at 9am."), Annual Giving outreach that includes a link to your fundraising page, or last-minute schedule changes for individuals signed up to attend an event.

- If you plan to use this feature to send an informational message (that you do not want to receive responses to), we suggest having your outgoing message include a statement such as "please note that replies to this number will not be monitored." There is not a way to outright prevent recipients from responding.

- Although this feature will allow you to reach many contacts quickly, it is still important to be thoughtful and strategic in your outreach. Avoiding unnecessary opt outs is a major reason why. Each contact in Cadence has an opt out status stored at the team level and that opt out applies across all forms of messaging in that team ( High Speed Inbox, Shared Inbox, personal inbox). If a contact opts out by sending a response (such as STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE) to your toll-free number, that contact will be opted out from all messages in the team across all inboxes/users.

- It is important to be aware of your timing when sending a message from a  High Speed Inbox because it will send out and deliver very quickly. Your team, therefore, will likely receive more responses more quickly than usual. Ensure that you have users available to help answer incoming replies (if your message asks for/prompts responses).

- Plan ahead as you get closer to running out of message credits. If you know the next major texting outreach is going to require more credits than what you currently have left in the High Speed Inbox, consider purchasing and loading more credits prior to sending the message.

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