Capture Opt Ins

Capturing Opt ins 

The most effective way to get contacts to opt in to text messaging is to market/advertise texting numbers. Determine every possible entry point that contacts can share their mobile phone number to receive "personal or important" text updates.


  • Initiate an e-mail blast to notify contacts of the ability to opt in for text updates.  See sample email.
  • Keep the inquiry cards simple, fun, and to the point.   See sample inquiry card.
  • Update social media pages with your virtual phone number.
For example: 
"Text your Career Counselor Jackie xxx-xxx-xxxx for job updates in your major."


"Text your Admissions Counselor xxx-xxx-xxxx for updates on your admissions status." 
  • Update your email signature with your virtual phone number.
  • Update your online application to include language for opting in to text messaging.
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