User Management - Caretaker Overview


The caretaker function allows users to manage other non-Admin users. Reasons for assigning a caretaker may include a user being out of the office for an extended period of time or temporary user vacancies resulting in unassigned/idle users.

Any user can be assigned as a caretaker, but only Admins can manage the assignment process. 

Admins cannot be assigned a caretaker due to the security and access permissions that come with being an Admin.

If you are assigned as a caretaker for another user, your personal user and text messages remain separate from those associated with that user and you will be able to toggle between the users to successfully manage them.

Additionally, you cannot caretake a user who is already a caretaker themselves. If you need to assign a caretaker to someone who is already caretaking, you should remove their caretaking and reassign it to another active user.

This article will cover:

  • How to assign a caretaker
  • How to caretake a user
  • How to remove a caretaker

Assign Caretaker (Admins only)

1. Navigate to " Team Name" > Users.

2. Click the dots to the right of the user you would like to assign the caretaker to and click Assign Caretaker.

3. Select the name of the user who will manage the user and then click Confirm.

4. When a caretaker is assigned, both the caretaker and the user having his/her user managed are notified via email.

Note: After a caretaker has been assigned, the user having his/her user managed will no longer be able to log into Cadence and will not receive text "message received" email notifications or push notifications. If the user attempts to log in while a caretaker is assigned, the user will receive a message indicating that someone is managing the user.

Managing User (All Users)

1. After you have been assigned as a caretaker, click [ Manage User] from the platform header.

2. Select the name of the user you would like to manage from the drop-down menu.

3. You will now have access to the user's experience, including all text messages, teams, and user profile information. You will be notified that you are managing the user's area in Cadence via a banner that will display near the top of the page until you return to your personal user experience. The user's name will also appear in the right hand corner.

4. Text messages can be sent and received as if you are the user. The messages are separate from your own inbox and text messages managed within your personal Mongoose user. You will receive customized email notifications when a text is received by a user you are managing.

Note: Clicking [Respond] within the "message received" email notification for another user's text message will take you into  Cadence , but you will need to switch to that user and find the text message in order to respond. Your personal "message received" email or push notifications will continue to function as they normally do. 
5. You are able to review and send text messages on behalf of the user and essentially act as that person.
6. If you are managing more than one user, you can click Manage User to toggle between the users. If you would like to return to your personal Mongoose user, click Back to my account within the yellow banner near the top of the screen.

Remove Caretaker (Admins Only)

1. Navigate to " Team Name" > Users.
2. Click the dots to the right of the user you would like to remove the caretaker from and click Remove Caretaker.

3. The user will now be able to log into Cadence normally and the caretaker will be removed. Additionally, both the former caretaker and the user will receive an email notification confirming the change.
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