Quiet Hours-Why can't I send text messages between 10pm-6am?

Why can't I send text messages 10pm-6am?

The designated time frame that restricts text messages from being sent to contacts during the overnight hours is 10pm - 6am. This is to eliminate contacts receiving messages late at night and/or early in the morning usually when part of a long delivery duration (e.g., a large segment was sent a message at 2pm but due to the long delivery duration to reach all contacts in that segment, the contact receives the message at 3am). 

Contacts who receive messages during this time frame are more likely to opt-out as the message isn't as important or relevant to them at that hour as it would be during the day. Put yourself in their shoes, would you want to receive a text message at 3am?

This time frame does not restrict contacts from messaging you. You will still receive all messages from contacts during this time and still have the ability to reply to them.

Note: Quiet hours is based on the time zone of your organization.

Sending messages to large segments of recipients

Sending messages to large segments of recipients often has a long delivery duration. If you are sending a message to a large segment of recipients in which the delivery duration falls into the 10pm-6am period, this message will not be able to be sent. In order to send this message, you will need to create a smaller segment or send it at a time in which the delivery duration doesn't reach 10pm. 

Sending messages to an individual recipient

Any messages created via Compose during this time frame will be restricted, however, any messages and/or replies you need to send to contacts via the conversation view are still able to be sent.

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