Block/Unblock Incoming Messages From a Specific Number


Block is a tool intended for Cadence users to be able to block any unwarranted messages from a number including things such as spam or harassment. 

This article will cover:

  • Explanation of how the function works
  • How to block messages from an incoming number
  • Location of the block option

How Does Blocking Work?

  • Blocking will stop all incoming messages from that number for the entire team.
  • The number will be blocked for all users in the team.
  • An automatic opt-out is triggered so that the blocked recipient does not receive any messages from any users in the team. 
  • Users can choose to block a number but as a reminder, it will be for the entire team.


1. Open the conversation view of the record

2. On the right hand side, toggle on  Block

3. You will be prompted with a message to confirm that you want to block this number. Click [ Block] to confirm.

4. Once the number is blocked, the number will also be automatically opted-out for the entire team. 

Other Places to Block a Number

Contacts Page

1. Navigate to Contacts and click on the three dots next to the contact name and then [Edit]

Viewing the contact record when composing a message

1. From Compose, enter the contact's name

2. Click [View]

Unblocking a Number

If you later decide that a number should be unblocked, you can follow these steps to unblock it:

1. Navigate to Contacts

2. Search for the contact and click the dots to the right, then Edit

3. Click the Blocked toggle to unblock the contact.

4. The contact, by default, will still be opted out. Click the Opted-Out toggle to opt the contact back in.

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