Single Sign-On FAQ

What does SSO mean?

Single sign-on (or SSO) is an authentication method that allows a user to leverage one set of school-issued credentials to access multiple applications. Cadence can be one of these applications.

Who can configure single sign-on?

You can work with Mongoose to configure SSO. It will likely require the assistance of someone from your technical team.

What systems are compatible with SSO?

SAML 2-based systems.

Is there a cost to setting up SSO?

Yes. Please log into Cadence and navigate to Marketplace > Single Sign-On to view details. 

I can't remember my school-issued credentials. Can you help?

Please contact your school's IT department to verify your credentials; Mongoose does not store any schools system credentials.

Are all users at my institution required to use single sign-on / what about a user with an email address that isn't school-issued?

Depending on whether or not your institution has enabled single sign-on in Cadence and the policies of your IT department, you may be required to use it, however, a user that does not have a school-issued email address can still access Cadence using the email address and password set up on the Cadence account.

Do I use a different set of credentials to log into the Cadence mobile app?

No; the same credentials you use for the Cadence web app should be used for the mobile app as well.

If I'm using single single on to log in, is there a timeout period?

Much like logging in with your Cadence credentials, there is a 16-hour token for sessions before they will be automatically ended. There is a 90 day token for mobile.

If someone leaves my team/institution and I want to transfer their Cadence account, can I still do that if we're using single sign-on?
Yes, still the same process to transfer an account (switching out account details) can be utilized. When the new person logs in, that person will enter in school-issued credentials and be able to access the account (as long as the email address on the Cadence account matches the email on that person's school-issued account).

We have a few individuals who currently share a Cadence login--they all know the email and password and can log in. If we turn on single sign-on, how are they impacted?
If you choose to bind that Cadence account to an identity provider when single sign-on is configured, it will require that account to be tied to a specific user in your school's system. The only person who would be able to log into the account at that point would be the person with the email address that matches what's on the Cadence account.
We do not recommend having that person share his/her school-issued credentials with others, as that raises major security concerns. If you want to continue sharing a Cadence account between multiple users, keep the account unbound to the identity provider. This can be monitored in Cadence under " Team Name" > Accounts > click the dots to the right of the user > click Edit. Review the setting under Authentication Method.

Is Mongoose a member of InCommon?
Not at this time.
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