Delete Contacts


Note: This article pertains to an area of Cadence that is available to Admin users only.

If your team has a few contacts that need to be removed or if you're looking to remove all contact data and start fresh, there are two ways to do this. You can manually remove contacts or request a bulk delete.

Manually Remove a Contact

Within Cadence, as an Admin you can remove a contact by navigating to Contacts on the left navigation and searching for the contact you'd like to remove. Next to the contact, click on the three vertical dot menu and then Delete

You will be notified that deleting this contact will also delete all message/conversation history. Click Delete to continue with removing this contact.

Note: We recommend exporting all message activity from the "Reports" area before any delete so that you have conversation history for your records.

Bulk Delete Request

If you have a large number of contacts that need to be removed or would like all contacts to be removed from your team, our support team is happy to help with that task.

Please email our support team -- 

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