Send as Staff Member


Send as staff member is a function available to Department Admin users allowing them to send text messages on behalf of other staff members in the department.

When enabled, even though the Department Admin is initiating the text message, the message will actually be sent from the specific staff member's Cadence phone number. All responses and subsequent messages will be managed in the staff member's inbox.

Note: In order to utilize this function, StaffId must be imported on your student records to establish which staff member is connected to each student. If you send to a student without Send as staff member enabled, or you have it enabled but are not storing StaffId on the student record, the message will come from you.

The Send to my students only option must be unchecked in order to utilize the Send as staff member function.

When to Utilize Send as Staff Member

The Send as staff member function can be utilized when a Department Admin is asked to initiate a text "campaign" or other large-scale communication. Department Admins can send texts to large groups of students and have each text appear as if it has been sent from the staff member associated with the student in Cadence.

Additionally, Department Admins can initiate a text on behalf of another staff member to begin the conversation for the staff member. 

Note: With Send as staff member enabled, clicking [Next] will show you how the text will appear to a random recipient on your list (if you are sending to multiple students). If there is only one recipient, it will show you how the text will appear for that individual.

Overall Advantages

  • The text will come from the staff member's unique phone number and any replies will come to that specific staff member and moved in his/her inbox. 
  • Department Admins can ensure that text messages sent to larger lists of students are clear and complete. They can also ensure that the correct group of students are on the list.
  • After initial outreach, each staff member is responsible for the conversation with each recipient going forward. This keeps the Department Admin's inbox clear while also avoiding potential  carrier violations due to too many text messages being sent from the same phone number at once.
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