What should I use for my Cadence password?


Cadence utilizes realistic password strength estimation technology. This technology uses an algorithm to determine password security and strength by:

- Filtering out the top 10,000 most-used passwords

- Blocking typical password patterns (e.g., keyboard patterns such as "1234", "abcd", "qwerty", etc.)

- Applying other filtering techniques

If you're having trouble setting a password, we suggest choosing a password that includes several words with a space between them (e.g., "i love mongoose").

Technical Details

Passwords in Cadence are stored as a hash generated using PBKDF2, with a high iteration count, and large unique salt values per user.  
The passwords themselves are not governed by a simple length requirement, nor are their demands or restrictions on special characters or spaces. We utilize a more complete algorithm that evaluates the length, complexity, insures the password is not on the list of the 10,000 most common passwords, and then simulates the effort needed to crack the password and only accepts passwords that pass this scrutiny.

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