Update Mobile Number


Each contact record in Cadence is required to have a unique identifier (stored as the MobileNumber). There are two ways that Admin users can update this field on existing contact records.

To Update Records One at a Time

1. Navigate to Contacts > Search.

2. Search for the contact you would like to update, click the dots to the right of the record, and select [ Edit] from the drop-down menu.

3. Enter in the new mobile number and click [ Update].

Note: You can also update the StudentId/ContactId from this screen.

To Bulk Update Mobile Numbers

1. Navigate to " Team Name" > Data Management > Mobile Number Update.

2. Prepare a file (Excel file preferred) that includes the following columns and corresponding contact data: CurrentMobileNumber, NewMobileNumber.

3. Copy the data (including the header row) and paste it into the text box provided. Up to 5,000 records can be updated at one time.

4. Click [Update] to bulk update the records.

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