Manually Import Contacts Into Cadence


Admins are responsible for importing contact data into the Cadence platform. Imported data allows Cadence users to search for and find records as well as gain some context as to who they are texting.

This article will explain the two different methods for manually importing data, as well as the options for configuring data fields and prepping your import file, and monitoring the results of the imports.

Manual Import Methods

There are two methods for manually importing contact data into Cadence: You can choose a file upload or choose our copy/paste option.

Data can be imported under "Team Name" > Data Management. From there, you can choose your desired import method: File Upload or Copy & Paste (more information on these methods will be provided below).

Imported data is team-specific, so the data will load into the team that the Admin is currently viewing. For Admins who have access to multiple teams in Cadence, this can be confirmed/changed by clicking on your first initial or avatar in the upper right hand corner to toggle teams:

Prepping Your Import File

Before you can import any data, your team's fields must be configured. Configuring fields allows you to put some rules around what is allowed in terms of the data being imported. More information on that can be found here: Configuring Fields

Required Fields  

There are four required Cadence system fields for every record that is imported. The column headers in your import file must match the following exactly:

  • StudentId/ContactId
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • MobileNumber

Note: Mobile number can be any 10-digit format (e.g., 716-123-1234, (716) 123-1234, 7161231234, etc.), or be 11-digits long if the first digit is a "1."

Optional Fields

There are two optional Cadence system fields that can be included, and the column headers must match the following:

  • OptedOut: This refers to whether or not the contact has opted into receiving text messages; only values of "false", "true", "no", or "yes" are accepted. Values of "false" or "no" indicate that the contact has opted in for text messages, while values of "true" or "yes" indicate that the contact has opted out.
  • StaffId: If the contact needs to be connected to a specific Cadence user, please include that user's Staff ID in this field. If there is no value in the StaffId column, the Send as assigned user and Send to my assigned contacts only functions will not be usable in Cadence (see  Staff ID Overview for more information). If the StaffId provided does not match an existing user in Cadence (under "Team Name" > Users), the row will error.

Custom Fields

In addition to required fields, you can import up to 25 custom fields into Cadence per team based on what contextual information your users would need to see about each contact. Keep in mind these fields must be configured under "Team Name" > Data Management > Fields before your first import.

Custom columns of data can be imported into Cadence in any order. Depending on how the fields have been configured, some of the columns may be required to be present in your import (although the value in the fields can be blank).

Note: If you would like to add or remove a custom field from your imports, please make that change on the Fields page before attempting an import with the new information.

Click here  for a sample import file.

Manual Imports - File Upload Method

File upload allows you to drag and drop a file into Cadence or browse for a file from your computer. Accepted file formats are .csv and .txt up to 5MB.

Once a file has been selected, you will see a preview of the information so that you can make any necessary updates before importing.

If everything in the preview looks correct, click Import.

Manual Imports - Copy/Paste Method

A simple copy and paste process will allow you to quickly and easily import contact data from your information system into Cadence within the "Team Name" > Data Management page. Up to 5,000 individual contact records can be imported at a time, and the process takes just seconds to complete.

Importing contact records will either update existing records or create new ones--it will never duplicate or delete records.

To begin a copy/paste import:

1. Export a comma separated values (.CSV) or tab delimited text (.txt) file from your information system with the required fields, optional fields, and any other custom fields you would like loaded into Cadence.

2. Highlight all of the rows and columns of data you would like to import into Cadence--including the header row--and copy them. Please do not exceed 5,000 rows at a time.

3. Navigate to "Team Name" > Data Management > Contact Import and click into the Contact Records text box, paste the data you copied, and click [Import]. No formatting required.

4. You will receive an on-screen notification letting you know that your import is being processed.

Post-Import Monitoring

Regardless of which import method you choose, you will receive an email letting you know how many successful rows you imported in your batch, as well as whether or not there were any error rows (and what caused the errors).

After you receive the notification email, successfully-imported contact data is imported and available in Cadence immediately.

Receive an error? Use our guide to resolving import errors to find a solution.

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