User ID Overview


Each Cadence user has a User ID field on his/her account. User ID is required and should be a unique identifier. Usually, it matches the unique identifier that is used to identify the individual in your information system.

This article will cover:

  • How to assign contacts to users
  • Impact of having a user assignment

Assigning Contacts to Users

User ID has a functional purpose in Cadence, as it allows you to assign sub-groups of contacts to specific users. This assignment can be made through your data import.

  • If you run manual imports, it can be brought in by including a column titled StaffId. The Cadence User ID is equal to the values in the StaffId column you are importing.
  • If you are importing via an FTP integration or native integration, you can control the assignment and related fields using the User Identification field.

If included, the values in that field need to match the User IDs of your Cadence users.

For example, if you are running manual imports and you import 100 contacts with the StaffId column containing the value "Mike Counselor", there would need to be a user in Cadence with a User ID of "Mike Counselor" in order to establish the connection.

If you are utilizing a native integration to import contacts, refer to the User Identification setting on the Contact Import page of the integration's configuration.

If you begin supplying a StaffId with your contact data, please continue to supply that information each time you import a contact; if it is left out of your import file, the staff assignment will be cleared out.

If you only want to clear out the staff assignment for a specific contact, include the StaffId field in your import, but make it null/blank for that contact. If you would like to clear out the staff assignment for all contacts in your import, leave out the StaffId field entirely.

Note: Contacts can only be assigned to users through the import process; there is not an option in Cadence to change the assignment when viewing the contact's record.

Impact of the User ID Field

Here is a breakdown of the functional impact of user assignments:

  • If a contact is loaded without an assigned user value, the Send to my assigned contacts only feature cannot be utilized.
  • If a user assignment is not imported, you will need to uncheck Send to my assigned contacts only when composing a message.
  • If user assignments are being imported, Admins can utilize a function called Send as assigned user. For a full overview of that feature, please  click here.
  • If user assignments are being imported, within a Shared Inbox, users can use the "My Contacts" filter to see conversations that only apply to their contacts (currently only applies to Shared Inboxes).
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