Choose a Segment Type

What are Segments?

Segments are groups or lists of students that can be set as recipients in a text message. By including multiple students in a Segment, outreach can be more streamlined and effective, allowing you to reach more students with the same message at the same time.

There are two types of Segments you can create in the Mongoose platform:

  • Identifier-Based Segments
  • Criteria-Based Segments (only available to Department Admins/Owners by default...can be enabled for all users) 

Click here to learn more about enabling Criteria-Based Segments for all users.

To begin the process of creating a Segment, the first step is to determine if you already know what students you want to include, or if you would like to find out which students to include by using search criteria. 

Identifier-Based Segments

If you know the students you want to include, the best approach would be to manually create a Segment using an identifier. These Segments allow you to enter in either student IDs or mobile numbers to identify which students will be in the Segment.
Overall, Identifier-Based Segments:
  • Require you to know which specific students you want to include.
  • Require a separate data source/file containing either student IDs or mobile numbers.
  • Are always "Static Segments" or in other words, do not automatically update when student data changes.
  • Can be edited by adding/removing specific students.
To get started with an Identifier-Based Segment,  click here.

Criteria-Based Segments

If you do not know which specific students to include, the best approach would be to create a Criteria-Based Segment. These Segments allow you to utilize a simple boolean-style search to query the Mongoose database and generate a group of students matching your conditions/criteria.
Overall, Criteria-Based Segments:
  • Allow you to enter in conditions/criteria to determine which students are included.
  • Can be set to "auto-update", always using the most recent student data to automatically determine who is added/removed from the Segment.
  • Can be saved as Static Segments that can be edited by adding/removing specific students.
To get started with a Criteria-Based Segment,  click here.
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