Usage Reporting Overview (Message Activity Report)


Team usage reporting is only available to Admin users. This article explains how to locate the usage page and the metrics provided in that area.

Note: This version of Team usage/Message Activity is currently only available to our Legacy clients. We now have an upgraded version for our Teams clients. Please reach out to your Cadence client success lead if you'd like to access our newest reporting/analytics page.

Locating Usage and Activity

Navigate to Reports > Message Activity > View. Usage statistics are rolled up at a team level and broken down two ways; Group accounts and per individual user. Group accounts show the total as a group as well as broken down per user assigned to that group account. User statistics are broken down per user usage (individual accounts...not group accounts). Both show the following metrics:

  • Sent Messages - A count of messages sent, even including messages that were not successfully delivered.
  • Unread Messages - These are messages that have not been read by users.  A message is considered as "read" when it is clicked on within the user's inbox, opening the conversation with that contact. If a user marks a message as "Unread" after reading it, the message will still considered "read" from a reporting perspective.  This will help administrators evaluate if there are messages from contacts that have not been read/opened at all.
  • Delivery % - This is a rate of successful delivery for all sent messages.  A delivery failure includes any type of issue that prevents a message from being successfully delivered.
  • Reply %: - This is the percentage of sent messages that have received a reply.  A reply is counted when a contact responds to a message within 24 hours

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