Smart Message Details

Locating Sent Message Details

After you send a message, navigate to your high speed inbox or shared inbox's Messages area (click the name of the High Speed Inbox or Shared Inbox from the navigation on the left-hand side). Click Sent to display a list of messages you have sent, then click on the actual message to view details.

Smart Message Details will provide 

  • To: Name of the recipient or the segment that you sent to
  • From: Shared Inbox or High Speed Inbox the message was sent from 
  • Composed: Date/time the Shared Inbox or High Speed Inbox sent the message
  • Completed: Date/time the message finished sending to all recipients
  • Delivery rate: Percentage of sent messages that were delivered
  • Reply rate: Percentage of your recipients that replied
  • Delivered: Actual number of individual messages delivered
  • Replied: Actual number of recipients that replied
  • Not delivered: Actual number of individual messages that did not get delivered
  • Category: Based on the response received (Yes, No or Other).
  • Response: The initial response message received after Smart Message was sent (Note-any messages received after the initial response will not be shown on this page. It can be found in the conversation view in Archived)

Categorizing Responses to Smart Messages

Smart Messages provide you the ability to categorize and recategorize responses (Yes, No and Other). You'll be able to see who replied "Yes", who replied "No" and if any of the replies don't fit that criteria, they'll be categorized as "Other" so that you can read the response and update it accordingly to a "Yes" or "No". Once the reply has been updated, you can choose to send the configured auto reply.

The following responses from recipients will automatically be classified as "yes" responses:

"Yes", "Y", "Yea", "Yup", "Yep", "Yeah", "1", "Ye", "Ya"

The following responses from recipients will automatically be classified as "no" responses:

"No", "Nope", "N", "Nah", "Naw", "0", "Na"

What does "Other" mean? "Other" means that a reply came in that didn't fit Yes or No criteria.


I'm not sure.

Yes, but how much does it cost? 

If a response is recategorized, you will have the option to choose the response category and have the auto reply send the predetermined reply. 

By default the "Send Reply" option is checked. If you do not want to send the auto reply, uncheck this box and click update. 

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