Workday Integration - Exports


Cadence texting activity can be automatically sent to Workday in the form of Notes. Messages will be sent to Workday in real time, as they occur in Cadence.

Admissions Notes and Recruitment Notes can be configured/modified in Cadence under "Team Name" > Workday > Export Settings.

Configure Export Settings

Exports can be configured with a simple mapping process. 

  • Username (Integration systems user)
  • Password
  • Campus Engagement Endpoint
  • Share with Student (whether or not the note will be shared with the contact within Workday)

Each item shown in the settings will be included for every text message that is exported to Workday. The following settings are available:

  • Admissions/Recruitment Message Type (from Cadence message types; more information below)
  • Admissions/Recruitment Topics (custom field you can set in Cadence; set separately for both incoming and outgoing messages)

Part of this setup is establishing options for the Admissions Message Type and Recruitment Message Type dropdown lists to classify the types of text messages being sent and received. In order to add/change options in the dropdown list, you will need to create Message Types for your team in Cadence.

We recommend creating a message type for Admissions and a message type for Recruitment.

Message Data Sent to Workday

When we send message data over to Workday, the following information is included:

  • Date/Time of the message
  • Text of the message
  • Message sender
  • Contact ID
  • Note topic (indicating if the message was incoming v. outgoing)
  • Flag to share with the contact or not (yes or no; based on your export settings in Cadence)

Note that MMS media (pictures, files, etc.) cannot be sent to Workday, however, any actual text included in messages that are MMS will be sent to Workday.

Review Export Error Log

Cadence provides an error log that will track any failed message exports. The log will indicate the date/time of the failure along with a description of why the failure occurred.

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