Tips for Using Cadence for Critical Communications

Many institutions are facing the challenges of communicating important information and campus updates during this COVID-19 crisis.

To help, here are some tips for using Cadence during this time. 

  1. Know your Cadence number and promote it!
  2. Set up your voice forwarding number and make sure it is up to date.
  3. Enable Out of Office when you are not available
  4. Utilize our mobile app
  5. Check Scheduled Messages
  6. What to avoid while texting during this time

Know your Cadence number and promote it!

Promote your Cadence number as another mode of communication with your contacts during this uncertain time. Post it on your institution’s website, social media, and via email as needed. If you have a personal Cadence number, you can find it in your profile.

In the upper right corner, click your profile drop down > Profile.

Within your profile you'll find your Cadence number. 

Many institutions are also choosing to use their shared inbox as a texting hotline for Coronavirus-related inquiries and concerns. 

To find your Shared Inbox phone numbers, navigate to “Team Name” > Shared Inboxes. The six phone numbers your shared inbox utilizes are displayed here. 

Set up your voice forwarding number or make sure it is up to date

Within your Cadence profile, you'll also find where you can set up (or update) your voice forwarding number. If a contact tries to call your texting number, the voice forwarding number is the number that the call will go to–so make sure it's a number that can be answered!

If you are using a text enabled landline as your Cadence number, reach out to your IT/Phone Services team at your institution so they can set up call forwarding for your campus landline to a number that can be reached.

If you are using a shared inbox, you will also want to make sure your voice-forwarding number is set up and working.To find your Shared Inboxes, navigate to "Team Name" > Shared Inboxes. To the right of your shared inbox name, click on the Menu (three dots) > Edit. Here you will be able to update the voice forwarding number for that inbox.

Enable Out of Office when you are not available

Set up an Out of Office response, and update it regularly for texts that come in when you are not able to respond immediately. Point your contacts to a general help line that they may contact for immediate assistance. Out of Office can be enabled from within your Cadence profile.

Click here to learn more about  Out of Office

Utilize the Cadence mobile app

If you haven’t already, download the Cadence mobile app for Android or Apple devices to stay connected to your contacts no matter where you are. 

Check Scheduled Messages

When there are sudden closings and cancellations, it is a good idea to login and double check any scheduled messages. If you or your team have any scheduled messages, they will be indicated in the calendar view and as a list on the right. Be sure the content is still relevant and accurate. Click the Menu to the right to Edit the message for a later day or time.

You can also choose to delete the scheduled message.

Things to avoid

  • "HELP" and "INFO" are words that the carriers will intercept and prompt contacts with an auto reply letting them know how to opt out of messages. These two words are flagged and looked at by carriers as messages that are questionable. If a contact replies with "HELP" or "INFO", you will not see the reply.
  • Avoid using links to help increase message deliverability. Many carriers are still flagging messages that contain links, especially shortened links, as spam and will not deliver them. If you need to share more information, ask your contacts to check their email or your institution's website (without sharing a direct link) for more information.

Most importantly, make sure you are using Cadence for the correct type of messaging. Cadence is a two-way texting platform, not an emergency notification system. Check out our blog to help determine which type of messaging you need right now: Emergency Alerts vs Two Way Texting for COVID-19 Updates

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