Combine/Merge Phone Number Record With Contact Record


If a contact is imported into Cadence but texts a Cadence user from a mobile number that is different than the one on his/her contact record, that contact will end up with "two" records in the system--one with all of his/her information and the wrong phone number, and one with just a mobile number but no additional information.

In this situation, the best solution is to treat the mobile number-only record as the actual contact record and either modify or delete the other record.

Before taking any action in Cadence, ensure that the contact's record in your system of record (the source of your data for imports) is updated to reflect the correct mobile number.

This can be resolved in 5 quick steps:

1. Navigate to Contacts > Search and find the record with the incorrect phone number.

2. On the record with the incorrect mobile number, change the Contact ID so it is not the contact's actual ID (e.g., add "old_" to the ID) and click [ Update].

3. On the record that has the correct mobile number, ensure that the Contact ID is the contact's actual ID ( ContactsSearch > find the record > click the three dots > View > Edit to confirm/modify the ID).

4. Import the contact's data into Cadence and include the correct mobile number. The next time you run an import and include that contact, the existing record with the correct mobile number will update with the contact's information and become that contact's Cadence record going forward.

5. Go to Contacts > Search and find the old record. From there, you have two options:
  • If you know you do not want the old record in Cadence and you are not concerned with losing any current conversations with that record/number, click the dots on the right hand side and select Delete.
  • If you would like to preserve the old record because you would like to retain any conversations with that record/number in Cadence, we recommend opting the record out to prevent users from mistakenly sending messages to that record/number. Click the dots to the right, then click View to opt the contact out.

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