Segments FAQ

Q: Can I still make a segment by copying/pasting mobile numbers?

A: Yes, if you are not an Admin user, you can navigate to Segments and click [New Segment] to create a segment by copying/pasting mobile numbers or StudentIDs/ContactIDs.

If you are an Admin user, you will need to navigate to Segments, click [New Segment], then click Enter Contact IDs or Mobile Numbers to create a segment based on identifiers.

Q: Are there different types of segments?

A: Yes, there are static segments (included contacts can be added/removed manually) and auto-updating criteria-based segments (included contacts are automatically added/removed). Only Admin users can create auto-updating criteria-based segments . A full overview of Segments can be found  here

Q: Can I send to multiple segments in the same text message?

A: Yes, you can send to multiple segments to the same text message.

Q: If a contact is in multiple segments and I select those segments as recipients in the same text message, will the contact receive the text message multiple times?

A: Cadence will evaluate how many individual contacts are included in the message, regardless of which segment they are in. The number of recipients displayed before you send the message is the number of individual contacts. Each contact will receive the message only once.

Q: If there are opted-out contacts in my segment, how can I see who they are?

A: If you export the list of the contacts in your segment, you will be able to see all contacts regardless of their opt-out status.

Q: Is there a way to make a segment of only contacts updated recently, or that have not replied since a certain date, or that have not received a text from us since a certain date?

A: Yes! There are several options for this using a criteria-based segment and our system activity fields for "Last Incoming Message", "Last Outgoing Message", "Last Modified Date", and "Created" date/time information. More information on this can be found in our article on criteria-based segments located here.

Q: I don't see a "Segments" option in my Cadence account. Why?

A: You may not have access to Segments. Administrators can allow/restrict access to segments when they create users. If you should have access to segments, reach out to your administrator and they can grant that access. 

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