VOIP Numbers

What is a VOIP number?

VOIP stands for "voice over IP" and a VOIP number essentially allows for voice communication to occur over an IP network. Typically, VOIP numbers allow for phone calls to be placed/received through a computer, although these numbers can also be associated with "plug and play" devices such as an IP phone.

Should I attempt to text a VOIP number?

A VOIP number is always a virtual number, so its capabilities are different than a mobile or landline number. Some VOIP numbers may be able to send/receive texts successfully, but it depends on what type of device that number is associated with and how the device is configured to handle text messages (if it is at all).
Due to the fact that the behavior of the number is hard to predict, not all VOIP numbers may be able to receive text messages effectively. For that reason, we suggest trying to obtain a true mobile number instead of a VOIP number, if possible. If you do attempt to text VOIP numbers, some may be able to successfully receive your texts, while others may not.

How do I know if a contact I am importing has a VOIP number?

Through Phone Number Validation, you are able to see what type of phone number (mobile, landline, VOIP, or invalid) each contact has. Find out more about Phone Number Validation  here.

Should I import contacts who have a VOIP number?

Although we do not recommend importing VOIP numbers (see "Should I attempt to text a VOIP number?" above), some VOIP providers successfully allow for sending/receiving text messages. 
If you have Phone Number Validation turned on, Cadence will check VOIP numbers against a list of "trusted" VOIP providers and successfully import those numbers; other VOIP numbers will not be imported.
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