Slate Integration Guide


Cadence offers a fully-automated integration with Technolutions Slate CRM. We provide the following points of integration:

  • Contact data from Slate loaded into Cadence
  • All message activity from Cadence loaded as interactions within Slate
  • Any contact opt out preference changes in Cadence reflected in Slate
  • Any message delivery errors reflected in Slate

The Slate integration area can only be enabled by Mongoose (contact your Client Success Lead to have it enabled). Once available, it appears under the team administrator's menu:

Note that some aspects of the setup within Slate may require you to reach out to Slate directly (e.g., permissions, FTP path creation).

Before You Start

There are several things to consider before configuring the integration between Slate and Cadence:

  • The user setting up the integration must be an administrator in both Slate and Cadence.
  • The integration relies on the use of Slate's SFTP server for the bi-directional transfer of data.
  • The integration requires use of Queries, Source Formats, Source Definitions, and user management within Slate. The user configuring the integration should be familiar with these concepts as well as the texting and data processes within Mongoose.
  • Logging, monitoring, and notifications are all configurable within Cadence.
  • Each individual integration process can be scheduled independently or run on demand, at will.
  • This entire integration runs using the Slate FTP and a Slate SFTP user. Knowledge of how to set up a user in Slate is required.
  • This integration allows you to import contact data into Cadence from Slate as well as import texting activity into Slate from Cadence (stored as interactions).
  • Data imports essentially function as a create/update process. If it is the first time you are importing a record, it will be added to the team's data set in Cadence. If you are importing a record that was previously imported, that record will simply be updated with the new information.
  • Knowledge of how to create Slate queries and navigate the FTP Explorer tool is required.

Note: This integration is only available for Cadence Text. Cadence Chat does not currently support this integration option.


Documentation on specific sections of this integration can be accessed from the options below. The links are intended to be followed in order, and each article will link to the next in the sequence. Please make sure to complete the SFTP Configuration and Contact Import steps before attempting to export data to Slate.

SFTP Configuration

Fields Page

Import Configuration


Logging and Monitoring

Resolving Errors

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