Campaigns - Reporting


A detailed view of outgoing and incoming message activity is available for each campaign, for everyone with access to the campaign.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Everyone that has access to the campaign has access to the report; campaigns are shared across all users in a team
  • There is no contact data or incoming message data displayed in the report - though an Export option is available 
  • Messages received from contacts are automatically tracked as replies if they are received within 24 hours of an outgoing campaign message
  • All of the numbers displayed in the report are reflective of all campaign activity - not just messages sent and received by the current user
  • "Reached" refers to the number of unique contacts who successfully received at least one message

Below each chart and figure displayed as part of the report is described individually for a sample campaign.

Total Contacts Reached

Reply Rate

Total Number of Replies

Average Number of Replies by Contact

Contact Reply Time, Grouped

Replies Per Contact,Grouped

Message Counts, By Day

Message Counts, By Hour

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