Compose a Message From a Shared Inbox

Composing a New Text Message with a Shared Inbox

1. Click [ Compose] from the navigation panel on the left-hand side.

2. Choose who the message is coming from (yourself OR the Shared Inbox).

3. Determine if you are sending to an individual contact or a pre-created  Segment and select the corresponding tab.

  •  If sending to an individual contact, search by first name, last name, ID, or mobile number to select the recipient.
  •  If sending to a segment, search by the name.

4A. After your recipient is selected, type in your message. Note that there is a hard stop at 306 characters to help you avoid carrier violations and messages that are too lengthy to send via text.

4B. If desired, you can include merge fields and automatically bring in data from the contact's record by clicking on Field, utilize a pre-written text message by clicking on Template, or include emojis. Optionally, you could also choose to use a smart message.

5. Click [ Next] to review your text message/content.

6. Review the text message. The Checklist area will provide feedback on your recipient count and send time.

  • The "green check mark" indicates that the item is within recommended requirements for successful delivery.

  • The "yellow exclamation point" indicates that an item needs to be reviewed before the text message is sent.

  •  The "red X" indicates there is a problem with your message that will prevent you from sending it.

7. After you review your message (and correct any issues, if necessary), you can click [ Send Now] to send the message immediately or [Schedule] to schedule the message for a future date/time.

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