When is the best time to send a text?

We recommend texting contacts after 3:30pm. During this time, most contacts are out of school and you are able to manage their responses while still in your office.

We also encourage you to try different times during the day and pay attention to the response rate. Contacts always have their mobile phones on them. Even while in class, contacts still text. With that being said, texting at noon is not going to dramatically increase or decrease your response rate.
Refrain from sending texts very early or very late in the day. Messages are restricted from being sent during the hours of 10pm-6am to avoid contacts receiving messages during the overnight hours. If sending a message to a large segment of recipients, messages in which the delivery duration falls into the 10pm-6am time frame will not be able to be sent. Consider creating a smaller segment or sending an earlier time in the day in which the delivery duration ends before 10pm. All incoming messages will still be received. Individual outgoing messages and replies can still be sent to students during this time via the conversation view.

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