FTP Integration Guide


An FTP integration can be established with Cadence to allow your team to automatically import contact data and/or export data from the platform. In this integration, the campus will be required to host an FTP server and Cadence will act as a client. Both SFTP and FTPS are supported.

The FTP integration needs to be enabled by someone at Mongoose before you can begin configuring. Once available, it appears in Cadence under the Admin tools for the team (must be an Admin user to view):

Tools for configuration, logging/monitoring, and notifications are provided within the Cadence platform.

Note: This integration is only available for Cadence Text. Cadence Chat does not currently support this integration option.


In order to utilize the FTP integration, it is important to note the following requirements:

  • Cadence administrator access is required to configure the integration screens in the platform
  • The FTP server must be hosted by your institution; in this integration, Cadence acts as the client.
  • SFTP and FTPS are the supported methods; the integration does not support SCP

Before You Start

There are several items to consider before configuring the FTP integration:

  • If you are planning on enabling an FTP integration within a team that has already configured fields and has been importing data manually, note that the team will no longer be able to run imports until the FTP integration is completely configured
  • The Fields page under Data Management will no longer be accessible in Cadence, as field management will be moved under the FTP integration's import settings
  • Each team in Cadence requires a separate FTP integration, so if you are looking to have multiple teams utilize the FTP server, each team would need to have a separate configuration set up in Cadence
  • There are no file size restrictions for importing files via FTP integration, however, keep in mind that the more data in your file, the longer it will take to import.


Each specific section of the integration is documented in the articles below. The links are intended to be followed in order, and each article will link to the next in the sequence:

Initial Setup and Configuration



FTP Import and Export Statuses

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