Undelivered Message Report


Note: This article pertains to an area of Cadence that is available to Admin users only.

If an outgoing text message goes undelivered, the user that sent the message will see this reflected in the conversation preview and conversation view (more information here).

In addition to visually displaying this for the user, Admin users can see an entire summary of undelivered messages for their team and the reason for the delivery issue. This can help identify invalid numbers or repeating issues with message sending.

Generating a Report

For clients on our Teams model:

  • Navigate to Reports. Under the Exports tab click on Undelivered Messages
  • Enter in the date range that you would like to see undelivered messages from

  • Click [ Request Export]

For clients on our Legacy model:

  • Navigate to Reports and under Undelivered Messages, click Export
  • Enter in the date range that you would like to see undelivered messages from

  • Click [ Request Export]

Reviewing the Export File

You will receive an email with a .csv file containing all of the undelivered messages from the selected date range. Each item in the spreadsheet includes the following information:

Staff/User ID - The Cadence user that sent the message

ContactId - The unique identifier of the intended recipient (if applicable)

MobileNumber - The intended recipient's mobile number

FirstName - The intended recipient's first name

LastName - The intended recipient's last name

Message - The actual text of the outgoing message

Date - The date/time (UTC) the message was sent

ErrorMessage - The reason for the delivery error

ActivityCode - The associated message type (if applicable)

DepartmentCode - Team where the outgoing message was sent from

CampaignName - The associated campaign (if applicable)

Avoiding Delivery Errors

Landline numbers and invalid or out of service numbers cannot receive text messages and including them in your data will inevitably lead to more delivery errors. Additionally, following best practices and guidelines for texting can go a long way toward mitigating the number of unsuccessful deliveries.

To supplement these items, if your team has phone number validation enabled, you are less likely to see delivery errors because numbers are checked for validity before being imported into Cadence. With number validation, there is also an included ad-hoc tool for checking numbers before they are imported. This can help clean up data in the system of record and identify valid mobile numbers.

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