Getting Started: In Product Training

Getting Started

In-product training

Cadence provides self guided and hands-on in-product training to help you get started with our most important features so that you can get started texting right away. 

Note: Ad blockers may need to be disabled to see the in-product training. If you are using an extension in your web browser that blocks pop-ups, it will need to be disabled or updated to allow pop-ups from

Upon logging in, our product training will welcome you to Cadence and prompt you to start your training checklist.

If you are a veteran Cadence user that would like to see these prompts, see information below on utilizing quick tips!

Each user will have a checklist that guides them through each of our most important features. Follow along using the helpful pop-ups, tool tips, and checklists to learn how to use Cadence. 

If you accidentally dismiss the prompts, or just want to review them at a later date, you can re-launch them again using the “Show quick tips” link in the top right corner (this is available for most features, but not all). 

If you no longer wish to see the training prompts, you can dismiss them by clicking “Hide these tips”

Dedicated Client Success Lead

Each organization has a dedicated Mongoose Client Success Lead that is available for best practices, industry knowledge, training, and account/billing questions. 

If you’re not sure who your Client Success Lead is or would like to schedule a meeting with them, click the ? help icon in the platform and our chatbot, Otto can help connect you!

Click here for Cadence Best Practices

Quick Start

Check out some of our most viewed articles! All of this is covered in product training but is also available here in our Knowledge Base.

Compose a Text Message

What's a Segment?

Creating and Using Campaigns

Texting Best Practices

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