Edit Existing User

Considerations When Updating a User

There are three main reasons to edit the information for an existing user within Cadence:

1. Update Details 

The name, email, and forwarding number (if using a virtual number) for an existing account can be updated at any time.

If a user's email address is changed, this will also impact their username for logging into Cadence. Be careful of making changes to email addresses particularly if your institution is utilizing single sign-on (SSO).

2. Update Access

The level of access that a user has can be changed at any time. If you are an Admin user, you are able to grant/remove administrative access to other users within your team(s).

3. Transfer Account

If you are looking to transfer ownership of a user account to another user but retain the phone number and all of the message activity between that phone number and contacts, transferring the existing user account is the simplest way to accomplish this.  

Update the User ID, First Name, Last Name, and Email Address for the new user and then click [Update User]. Click the dots to the right to edit the user again and click [Send Welcome Email] to notify the new user (this gives them an opportunity to set their password). When they log in, they will have access to the same phone number, contacts, and conversations as the previous user.

Note: If the intent is for the new user to have a new texting phone number and a clean inbox, the existing user should be deleted and a new user created instead.

Edit an Existing User 

1. Navigate to "Team Name"  > Users.

2. Locate the user you would like to edit, click the dots to the right of the account, and select Edit.

3. Update the details and click [ Update User]

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