Admin User Overview


The Admin role provides full access to users within a specific team.  A user can be a Admin in one team or in multiple teams. They also have the ability to be a Admin in one team, while being a non-Admin user in another one.

Specific features that are only available to Admins are located in the menu under the name of the team - in this example, "Admissions":

What can Admins do?

  • Create new users in the team
  • Edit existing users
  • Add/remove users in the team
  • Import, modify, and view all contact data in the team
  • Manage templates, custom fields, notifications, and other settings
  • Review usage activity for all of the team's users

Who should be an Admin?

  • Someone who is involved in crafting, managing, and implementing the texting strategy the team is using.
  • Someone who is an active user in their team. They may be called upon to send messages on behalf of other users.
  • Someone with access to the system of record on campus that is the source of contact data for the team - this will make the process of importing/exporting data more efficient.
  • Someone with responsibility and oversight of the non-Admin users, who can monitor their usage of Cadence and follow up with them when corrections need to be made.
  • A CRM administrator or a campus developer working on an API integration.

It is possible that multiple administrators will be needed to cover this set of responsibilities. For example, one Admin may need to be the CRM administrator on campus, responsible for data operations, while the second Admin is responsible for managing text communications.

Ongoing Responsibilities

Review reporting
View team usage data as well as individual user data. Ensure that users are sending an acceptable number of text messages and review response rates.
Send texts “as assigned user”
Some Admins may want to send text messages “ as assigned user”. In this case, texts to large Segments of contacts are sent from the user associated with that contact in Cadence. The text will come from that user’s unique phone number and any replies will come to that specific user.
Create segments
Segments can be created and will be available for other users in the team to utilize. You may choose to do this to ensure that users have Segments that are easily available to them.
Create and manage campaigns
Campaigns can be created and are available to all users in the team. You may choose to create Campaigns to track and report on activity related to text messages. You can also view  Campaign Reporting to see things like reply rate, total number of replies, average number of replies per contact, contact reply times and total number of contacts reached.
Import contacts
Your team's database of contacts in Cadence will need to be updated on a regular basis. Once the report is set within your information system, the Admin only needs to re-run the report and paste all the updated contact data into Cadence.
Create/Manage templates
Templates are pre-written text messages that users in the team can add to a text message. Typically, templates are based around key points in your communication plan, and they help your team be more efficient and send more consistent messages. Only Admins can create and manage the templates available to the team.
Minor error handling and troubleshooting
Import errors may need to be addresses to ensure that all contacts can be imported successfully into Cadence. Emails sent after an import is completed and error reports available under " Team Name" > Data Management > Import History can help resolve any issues. Our knowledge base article on   resolving import errors can also assist.
Manage notifications
Identify who will be responsible for updating your information system for contacts who choose to opt out. A simple email message will be sent to the appropriate person whenever a contact's opt in/opt out status changes. Enter the email in the “notifications” box and click save.
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