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Contacts are imported into Cadence by an Admin user responsible for configuring data fields and integration method. This allows other users to view contact records and send them text messages. Imported contacts show up on the Contacts > Search page, as well as in the Compose screen. If you would like to text a contact who has not yet been imported, you can do so by manually adding the contact to Cadence.

This article will cover:

  • Process for manually adding a record
  • Setting up notifications for when contacts are manually added
  • How to import more data points for a manually added record

If you do not see [Add Contact] when adding a new number in Compose, an administrator will need to update your Cadence access to allow you to create contacts.

Manually Add Contact Record

1. Click [ Compose].

2. In the "To" field, type in the phone number of the contact you would like to add. If the phone number is not associated with an existing contact record, [ Add Contact] will appear after the phone number.

3. Click [ Add Contact] and fill in the contact's first and last name.

4. Click [ Add] to add the contact record to Cadence. The contact will now be available to receive a text message.

After Manually Adding a Contact Record

If your team is utilizing manually added contact notifications, Cadence will send an email to the appropriate individual(s) when a contact is added to Cadence. The email will indicate the name and mobile number of the contact, the name of the user who added the contact record, and the team the record was added to.

Note: Only Admin users can set up and manage these notifications.

Adding Custom Fields to Manually Added Records

Manually added contact records should eventually be added to your school's information system. Since manually added contact records only contain first name, last name, and mobile number information, the rest of the contact record (including ContactId) can be added through the import process. The quickest approach to this would be to do a manual import.

Cadence will initially match mobile number from the imported record to the existing manually-added contact record to ensure that the correct record is updated in the platform. Going forward, the record will just become the contact's record (losing the manually-added distinction).

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