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An integration between Cadence and Salesforce (or a Salesforce-based application such as TargetX or JRM) can be configured to automate data flow. While individual settings may vary, the standard process for automating a full bi-directional integration is:

  • One-time setup for authentication between Cadence and Salesforce
  • Setting up any additional fields that will be imported
  • Importing of Contact and/or Lead records from Salesforce to Cadence
  • Exporting Cadence interactions back into Salesforce

Note: This integration is only available for Cadence Text. Cadence Chat does not currently support this integration option.

Before You Start

There are a few items to consider before you begin configuring the integration:

  • Knowledge of Salesforce and familiarity with configuring Salesforce API users is strongly recommended. If you are unfamiliar with the Salesforce API, we suggest involving one of your organization's technical resources or developers before beginning.
  • A report or list view containing all of the records you want to import into Cadence from Salesforce should be set up ahead of time.
  • Both contacts and/or leads can be imported via this integration.
  • If utilizing a report, it needs to specify the last time each contact was modified. This can be done via a custom object that includes the date and time the record was modified, or using the existing modified date field with an addendum to include the modified time.
  • This integration will utilize the Salesforce API. It is designed to batch requests when possible in order to minimize the amount of times it connects to your Salesforce API.
  • This integration allows you to import data into Cadence from Salesforce as well as import texting activity into Salesforce from Cadence.
  • Data imports essentially function as a create/update process. If it is the first time you are importing a record, it will be added to the team's data set in Cadence. If you are importing a record that was previously imported, that record will simply be updated with the new information.


Documentation on specific sections of this integration can be accessed from the options below. The links are intended to be followed in order, and each article will link to the next:

API Authentication


Contact/Lead Import


Import History and Error Log

Additional Resources 

Additional resources related to this integration can be found here:

Creating a Connected App and Creating an API User


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