Delivery Duration, Overnight Hours, and Message Send Time


Delivery duration is a time displayed as part of a "checklist" before you send out a text message under Compose. This information is shown to keep you informed as to when you can expect your message to be delivered to its recipient(s). Based on the number of recipients, the delivery duration will grow. This article will explain the factors involved in generating the delivery duration and also explain sending warnings related to delivery time.

This article will cover:

  • Factors impacting send time
  • Send warnings and overnight hours
  • Message queue


In order to prevent  carrier violations, messages are throttled to go out in 12-second increments. That means if you are sending to, say, three recipients at once, it will take 36 seconds for the first person to the third person to receive the message. If you are sending to larger numbers of recipients at once, the 12-second throttling will add up to a larger time period.

If you are attempting to send to a large group of recipients and the delivery duration falls between 10pm - 6am, Cadence will prevent you from sending the message.

8pm Warning Message

If the message delivery duration will cause some messages to be sent after 8pm, a warning will be displayed to notify you. If you are not concerned with messages being delivered that late, you can choose to click [Send Anyway] and then send out the message. If you would rather wait, you can either cancel the message entirely or schedule it for a future date/time.

Message Queue

In addition to throttling, each phone number in Cadence also had an associated message "queue." The queue accounts for the order that text messages will go out from that phone number and how long it will take to send more messages.

For example, if you send a text to 50 contacts, then you immediately go back into Compose and set up a message to 40 contacts, the 50 from your previous message will receive their messages first. The message to the other 40 contacts will be queued behind them and will only start sending after the 50 messages in your queue have gone out.

Note that individual replies to contacts (i.e., 1-1 messages) do not have to wait for the queue to be cleared and will be sent within 12 seconds.

Overnight Hours

To be respectful of your recipients, Cadence features a built-in protection to prevent the sending of text messages at inappropriate times. Messages cannot be sent or scheduled between the hours of 10pm - 6am. If you are attempting to send to a large group of recipients and the delivery duration falls between 10pm - 6am, Cadence will display a warning message and prevent you from sending the message.

You can either cancel the message or schedule it to go out at a future date/time.

If you scheduled messages and they are queued up to send during overnight hours, we will send the messages until 10pm. At that point, all remaining queued messages will not be sent. 

Individual, one-off messages can be sent during overnight hours.

Note: See Why can't I send text messages between 10pm-6am? for more information.

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