When will my text messages be sent?

Cadence utilizes message throttling and a message queue to determine when your message(s) will be sent.

- If you are sending to an individual recipient, your text message will be sent within 12 seconds. This includes responses on a one-on-one basis in the "conversation view."

- If you are sending to more than one recipient, each recipient is sent a text in 12 second increments. This "throttling" is in place to help prevent  carrier violations. A delivery duration is displayed before you send the message which shows the entire time it will take for all messages to be sent.

- If you send out another text message between the start/end times of the previous message, the new message will be queued behind the previous message until it finishes sending. For example, if you just sent a message to a Segment of 700 recipients and it is still sending out, any other messages sent to 6 or more recipients during that time will be queued behind it. Subsequent messages are essentially "stacked" behind the one currently sending.

- If you are a team Admin and utilizing the Send as assigned user feature, the start/end time and message queuing takes into account what the users have queued as well. This may increase the end time shown in the "preview" screen during the compose process.

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