Workday Integration - Contact Import


The Mongoose support team will work with you to set up automatic data imports from Workday. Changes to the settings may be requested via support (
Note that we are currently developing the UI for Workday imports, and once it is released, you will be able to manage your own import settings within the integration in Cadence.

Setup in Workday - Integration System User

An Integration System User must be created in Workday in order to utilize this integration. The following permissions should be given to the user:

  • Manage: Student Applicant
  • Manage: Student Prospect domains

Please consult Workday's documentation for specifics about how to configure your  Integration System User.

Setup in Workday - Custom Report and Data

The integration leverages Workday's RaaS (reports-as-a-service) functionality to allow your team to import Applicants and Prospects into Cadence. In order to import data, a web-enabled custom report must be set up in Workday.
  • Create a web-enabled custom report and include all the records/fields you want on it. We recommend including only a subgroup of records (e.g., only those opted in, only those you want to text) in the report.
  • Required Cadence system fields must be included in the report: Contact Id (unique identifier of your choosing), First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number
  • Opt-out status and user assignment can optionally be included in your report
  • Up to 25 additional custom fields can be included in your report; note that the fields you will map to the Application ID and the Recruitment ID in the export step will need to be included in the 25 custom fields.

Import Process and Schedule

The integration can automatically run an import up to four times per day and you can utilize as many or as few of the times as your team needs. The following times are available:
  • Overnight 3am-5am
  • Morning 10am-12pm
  • Afternoon 2pm-4pm
  • Evening 6pm-8pm
Imports are a create/update process, meaning that if your report includes a record that has not been previously imported, the record will be added to your team's data in Cadence, while if the record already exists in Cadence, it will simply be updated with the most recent information from your report.
Optionally, a notification email can be sent to one or more individuals every time an import runs. The email includes the results of the import (total, success, and error records). If there are any errors, there will be a file attached to the email showing which records had an error and what caused it.

Finalize Your Import Settings and Run Imports

The Mongoose Support Team will work with you to ensure your imports are configured. In order to start importing, please email Mongoose Support ( and let us know you would like to set up imports from Workday. We will work with you on specific details such as:
  • API credentials for accessing the custom report
  • URL of your web-enabled custom report
  • Field mapping and custom fields
  • Desired import time (from four the choices listed above)
  • If you would like a notification email to be sent post import, please send us the email address(es) the notification should be sent to

To continue to the next step of configuring the integration, click the following link:  Exports
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