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Note: This article pertains to an area of Cadence that is available to Admin users only. 

If a contact in Cadence automatically opts out/opts in to texting or is manually opted out/opted in to texting, the corresponding opt out status on the contact record will update accordingly. Each record has an opt out status and that status is stored at the team level in Cadence. This status will be visible when viewing the record under Contacts or within a conversation in the Messages area.

In addition to displaying this information visually, it is also logged and viewable to Admin users as a report. This can help your team more effectively track changes in opt out status.

Generating a Report

For clients on our Teams model:

  • Navigate to Reports, click the Exports tab>Opt out history
  • Enter in the date range that you would like to see changes in opt out status from

  • Click [Request Export]

For clients on our Legacy model:

  • Navigate to Reports, click Opt-out Changes> Export. 
  • Enter in the date range that you would like to see changes in opt out status from

  • Click [Request Export]

Reviewing the Export File

You will receive an email with a .csv file containing all of the changes in opt out status from the selected date range. Each item in the spreadsheet includes the following information:

FirstName - The first name of the contact involved

LastName - The last name of the contact involved

ContactId - The unique identifier of the contact involved (if applicable)

DepartmentCode - Team where the change in opt out status occurred

MobileNumber - The mobile number of the contact involved

Status - The new, changed opt out status (either "Opted Out" or "Opted In")

StatusDate - The date/time (UTC) that the change in status took place

Criteria for Inclusion in the File

The file only contains changes in opt out status that occur in Cadence through the action of a user or an incoming text message from the mobile number involved. The file does not include updates to opt out status that were applied via data import.

The following items fit the criteria for being included in the file:

- An incoming message was sent to a Cadence user in the team from an unknown/cold contact (this is tracked as an opt in)

- A user manually added a contact to the team

- An incoming message was sent to a Cadence user in the team that contained a keyword to automatically change the opt out status (more information on these keywords can be found here)

- A Cadence user in the team manually changed the toggle for the opt out status of the contact

Opt Out Status and Best Practices

There are several steps that can be taken to ensure that the number of contacts opting out of texting is as low as possible. Gaining consent to text the number prior to sending the first text is one example, but maintaining the opt in is greatly impacted by the types of messages your team decides to send out and your overall communication plan.

Review our additional resources around how opt outs work in Cadence and the associated best practices. Contact your Mongoose Client Success Lead to discuss texting strategies and policy.

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