Allow user Segment access

What is "Allow user Segment access"?

Administrators can adjust the permission settings on a user by user basis to allow or restrict access to viewing, creating and sending messages to segments. 

When segment access is unchecked, users will not be able to create segments, view created segments, or use segments when sending messages from personal and/or shared inboxes they are in. 

How to add/remove segment access

When Creating a new user or Editing an existing user, by default, a check box option is selected to allow segment access to that user.  

To remove segment access, uncheck "Allow user Segment access".

Note: Segment access cannot be removed from Administrators. Users can still send messages to individual contacts.

Things to consider:

When user access to segments is removed, "Segments" will be removed from view in a few places.

Side Navigation - Segments will no longer appear in the navigation; users that do not have segments permission will be unable to view or create segments from that area.

Compose - The Segments tab will be removed, only allowing sending to individual contacts.

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