Manage Fields


Fields allow you to better organize how student data is imported into Cadence. A field must be set up on the Fields page in order to be allowed in a data import. In addition to selecting which fields are allowable, you are also able to configure permissions for each field.

Note: Only Department Admins or Organization Owners are able to manage import fields.

This article will cover:

  • Navigating the Fields page
  • Adding/Deleting Fields
  • Field-level permissions

Fields Page

After fields have been configured, they can be viewed on the Fields page by navigating to "Department Name" > Data Management > Fields. Shown as checkboxes, each field has a level of permissions that govern how the data can be used within the platform.

Note: If an integration is enabled for your department, you'll find Fields under the integration settings.

Adding a New Field or Editing an Existing Field

Clicking [ Add Field] will allow you to set up new fields that are allowed to be included in an import. You can also edit the names of existing fields (as long as you do not change the context of the data stored in the field).

Deleting Fields

To delete a field, navigate to the Fields page and click the dots to the right of the name of the field. Select Delete from the drop-down list. 

Note that deleting a field may impact any segments that use the field as criteria.

Required Fields

The check box in the Required column makes the field required on every import. Note that this requirement means the field must be present in the header row of every import--it does not mean that the field needs to actually contain data.

Mergeable Fields

The check box in the Mergeable column controls whether or not the data is able to be merged into a text message by users in the department.

Visible to Staff

The check box in the Visible to Staff column determines whether or not the field is visible to non-Admin users when viewing the student record. If this box is unchecked, the data will still be visible to Department Admins and Organization Owners.

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