Group Accounts Overview


Group accounts are department-specific, shared accounts that multiple users can access. They are intended for a team-based approach to texting outreach. Group accounts allow you to reach larger groups of students at once more efficiently than user accounts.

  • Each group account can send/receive messages (the account utilizes six different phone numbers; these are separate from your personal texting phone number).
  • Multiple users can have access to the same group account.
  • Users with access to a group account can compose text messages from that account and reply to text messages received by it.
  • When replying to a text within the account, the conversation will become locked for a period of time to ensure that two different users do not reply to a text at the same time.
  • Group accounts do not utilize staff assignments ( StaffId); sending behaviors such as Send to my students only and Send as staff member are not available

Creating a Group Account

1. Navigate to " Department Name" > Accounts > Groups.

2. Click [ New Group Account].

3. Fill in the initial account details (all fields are required) and click [ Next].

  • Name allows you to identify the account and will be displayed in the navigation on the left-hand side for users that have access to the account.
  • API Code allows you to add an identifier that can be used to specify the account in API calls. Note that if you are not using an API integration, you can keep the auto-generated identifier in the field.
  • Department can be set if you have access to multiple departments; if you only have access to one department, that department will be pre-selected for you.
  • Color allows you to specify a color to associate with the group account. This color will only show up in the navigation for users who have access to the account.

4. Assign phone numbers to the group account. You must select six.

If utilizing a virtual number, you are able to use the [ Search] button to select a phone number in the area code of your choice. Optionally, you can also search for a specific prefix/exchange for the phone number (not required).

5. You can opt to set a voice call forwarding number or leave that setting blank. The number entered in would ring if a student decided to call the group account's phone number. Click [ Next].

6. Select the users that should have access to the group account. Access includes the ability to read all messages sent from/received by the account as well as the ability to send text messages from the account/phone number. Click [ Next].

7. Confirm the account details and click [ Create] to complete the setup.

Composing a Text From a Group Account

When you have access to one or more group accounts, each time you click to Compose a new message, you will need to select which account the text message should come from. If you select the group account, the text will be sent from that account's phone number and will be stored in that account's Archived folder.

Replying to a Text Sent to a Group Account

All users with access to the group account can respond to texts sent to that account. Click on the name of the group account in the left-hand side navigation to view the Inbox and Archived organizational areas for that account.

Multiple different users can have access to a group account, and therefore, if you click into a conversation in the group account, it will lock the conversation for a short period of time to ensure that multiple users do not reply at the same time. The name of the user who sent/replied a text within a group account is noted in the conversation history.

It also shows who is currently responding to the student when clicking into the message. The text box will be locked until the person responding has left the conversation.

If you are idle in a conversation that is locked for other group account users, after a few minutes you'll see a pop notification asking if you are working. This is so to remind you to continue in the conversation or if you are away from your computer, it'll unlock the conversation so others can respond.

Note: If you would like to reply to a text sent to the group account from your personal account, click Compose and choose your personal account. From there, you can select the student as the recipient and send the text message.

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