Considerations When Deleting a User


Admin users have the ability to manage user access within a team. If you are an Admin user and you are considering deleting one of your team's Cadence users, it is important to understand what will happen from a setup, data, and reporting perspective. This article will briefly explain the key items to be aware of.

Messages, Conversation History, and Data

Message Activity/Usage Page

When a user is deleted, the team-level reporting statistics for the team(s) the user was in are not impacted. This information is located in Cadence under  Reports > Message Activity > View.

For example, if your team had sent a total of 120 messages in the selected date range and the user you deleted sent 20 of those messages, the team's overall sent total would still be 120 (delivery and reply percentages also remain unchanged). Note that the user will no longer show up in the individualized breakdown of user activity on that page.

Conversations and Conversation View

When a user is about to be deleted, a prompt will appear in Cadence explaining a couple of actions that will happen:


As shown in the prompt, all messages and conversations in that user's Messages area will be deleted from the platform itself. A couple of further points to keep in mind:

- The messages are still stored in the message activity for the team even if the user is deleted. Admins can export that activity under  Reports > Message Activity > Export.

- If the user is an Admin and has used the Send as Assigned User function, the messages sent with that function enabled are stored in each individual assigned user's Messages area and therefore will not be deleted (i.e., those messages and conversations remain for those users even if the original sender was the user you are deleting).

Contact Data and User Assignment

If your team has been importing a User ID or user assignment as part of your contact data, deleting a user will automatically remove the assignment in Cadence on these records; they will become unassigned. Admin users can change the user assignment in Cadence by importing updated data.

Personal Texting Phone Number

If the user you are deleting has a personal texting phone number, after the deletion has occurred, that number will remain in an unassigned status for a short period of time before ultimately being released back into the pool of publicly available numbers.

If you delete a user and later decide you would like to have the phone number back, please contact There is no guarantee we will be able to get the number back, but if it has not been too long, it may still be available.

Note: You may optionally try to convert an existing user to a Shared Inbox. Information and instructions will be displayed in a prompt in Cadence under "Team Name" > Users > click the dots to the right of the user > Convert to Shared Inbox.

Scheduled Messages

If the user has any scheduled messages at the time of the deletion, the messages scheduled from the personal texting number will be removed and will not be sent. If the user is part of a shared inbox and scheduled messages to be sent from there, those messages will remain scheduled and will not be deleted.

Segments and Campaigns

Deleting a user will also delete any segments that the user has created. Since segments are shared across the team and potentially have been used by other users, it is important to keep this in mind. Currently, there is not a way to transfer "ownership" of a segment to another user, so we suggest having another user copy the segment ( Segments > find the segment > click the dots to the right > Copy).

Campaigns created by the deleted user will remain in Cadence and will still be accessible for all users in the team. The only change your team will see is that under the Campaigns area, "Unknown" will show up as the Owner.

Best Practices and Additional Considerations

- If the user you are deleting has had recent conversations with contacts, it is a best practice to reach out to those contacts and let them know the number is no longer going to belong to that user. If possible, provide an alternate number for the contact to use.

- There is a possibility that a contact may try to text the deleted user's former number. Contacts will not automatically receive a text message notifying them that a user they have been texting with is deleted and if they try to text that user's number, they may not even receive an indication that the message was not delivered (see recommendation above).

- It may be advisable to simply "transfer" an existing user to another person rather than deleting the user outright, especially if you want to preserve the in-platform conversation history along with the user's personal texting number. This can be achieved under " Team Name" > Users either by editing the user or choosing the Assign Caretaker option to allow another user to manage that user temporarily (follow the in-platform information and instructions on the caretaker function).

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