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The Scheduled Messages area provides you with insight and visibility into all of the upcoming outgoing messages being sent within your team in Cadence. Additionally, it allows you to effectively manage your own scheduled messages and view key details on future messages using a simple calendar and list view.

This guide will explain the items you will see in the Scheduled Messages area as well as identifying actions you can take while viewing the upcoming sending schedule.

Watch the video below for an overview of the feature, or continue on for a full written guide to using and understanding Scheduled Messages.

Note: New features have been released since this video was made. Some of the settings and interface shown may not completely match the current state of the platform.

Finding the Scheduled Messages Area

To view the upcoming scheduled messages, click on Scheduled Messages in the left hand side navigation.

There are two areas provided that will give you a glimpse into future message sending. A calendar is provided on the left showing you the number of individual message batches scheduled for each day. The number represents the number of different scheduled messages for that day--not the total number of recipients scheduled to receive the messages.

Additionally, there is a running list of scheduled messages that will display on the right hand side. You can scroll down to continue viewing the list.

Details on Each Scheduled Message

Each message displayed contains a number of details:

  • The full text of the text message is visible, including any auto-responses if it is a smart message
  • Each scheduled message batch has a name to make it easier to differentiate between all outgoing messages (this name is for display in Cadence only and is not viewable to recipients of the message)
  • All users in the team can see which user originally scheduled the message
  • A set of the message's recipients showing each individual scheduled to receive the message may be downloaded and viewed; the total recipient count is also viewable
  • If there is a campaign associated to the message, that is visible in the details
  • If the message was sent from a personal texting number (not a shared inbox) and either the Send as Assigned User or Send to My Assigned Contacts Only function was enabled, that will be tracked and visible on the page

Filtering Options

The information displayed on the Scheduled Messages page can be filtered to make it easy to view specific days of activity. If you click on a day from the calendar view, you will see the list on the right hand side refresh and filter to the scheduled messages for only that specific day.

You can also filter all of the content based on the team's messages, your own scheduled messages, or messages scheduled through a specific shared inbox that you have access to.

Note that although the full scheduled list will show you messages scheduled from other shared inboxes you do not have access to within the team, you can only filter the list by shared inboxes you do have access to.

If a message is sent with  Send as Assigned User enabled, but you are not the user that scheduled it (i.e., another user scheduled the message to go out on your behalf), that message will not show up under the Mine filter on the Scheduled Messages page; it will show up on the Team view.

If you are the user that scheduled the message (and enabled  Send as Assigned User on that message), you will see the message listed under the Mine filter.

Creating, Editing, or Deleting/Unscheduling Scheduled Messages

There are two different ways to create and schedule a message.

- Click [Compose] at the top of the navigation on the left hand side:

- Click [Create] from the Scheduled Messages page:

Follow the process until the final step where you will choose between sending now (immediately) and scheduling for a future date/time.

Messages may be scheduled up to 12 months out from the current date. For more information on composing and sending/scheduling a message, please review our guide located here.

After a message is scheduled, you can click on Scheduled Messages to find it in the calendar/list. You may edit or delete/unschedule scheduled messages based on the following:

  • Any users can edit or delete/unschedule messages that they personally scheduled from their own personal texting number
  • If you are an Admin user, you also have the ability to edit or delete/unschedule any message scheduled to be sent from a shared inbox that you have access to
  • You cannot edit or delete/unschedule any messages that were scheduled from another user's personal texting number and no users may edit or delete/unschedule any of your own

To edit or delete/unschedule a scheduled message, click the dots to the right and select the desired option.

If you choose to edit the message, the recipient(s), message content, campaign tracking, and scheduled sending date/time may all be modified. The process is similar to the compose process, but at the end there is only the option to update the message or to cancel your edits (you cannot change it to send immediately; if it needs to be sent right away, delete the message altogether and re-create it by clicking [Compose]).

Best Practices

The Scheduled Messages area can be used to ensure that your team's outreach strategy and planning is more polished and efficient. Here are a few tips for incorporating this information into your communication plans:

  • Review the calendar to easily identify message-heavy days. Consider changing your plans for outgoing activity if the day you were planning on sending your message seems busy or full.
  • Use the list to scroll through upcoming scheduled messages to ensure there is not any overlap or duplication in outgoing messages.
  • Use the page to be proactive and catch typos before messages go out. Edit your messages when necessary, but also notify your colleagues if you see that their upcoming outgoing messages have errors or typos.
  • If you have access to a shared inbox, review and filter its associated scheduled message activity to make sure you are not set up to reach out to the same recipients multiple times in a short time frame, as that can be confusing to recipients.
  • If a user is removed or deleted from your team, consider what will happen to any currently scheduled messages that the user created. If they were scheduled to be sent from that user's personal texting number, the messages will be deleted/unscheduled. If they were scheduled to be sent from a shared inbox, the messages will remain scheduled as planned. An Admin may edit or delete/unschedule those messages if needed.
  • The Scheduled Messages area is not a log of all outgoing message activity in the team--it will only track messages that were sent or will be sent via scheduling. Continue to use the Sent Message Details to see information about all messages sent from your personal texting number and/or shared inboxes you have access to.

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