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When it comes to bringing in contact data from your system of record (CRM, ERP, SIS etc..), Cadence provides different options to help integrate your system(s) with Cadence. Cadence has integration options for all clients from a simple manual file upload to a more automated integration depending on your system of record and/or resources at your institution.

Each team in Cadence can be set up to utilize a different integration or has the ability to customize the same integration across multiple teams. 

For example: Admissions could be set up to use our native Salesforce integration while Financial Aid is utilizing our FTP. 

Integrations will need to be enabled. Please reach out to your client success lead or support ( to enable any of the following integrations. 

Note: Manual file based uploads and the API are already available in Cadence and do not need to be enabled

Native Integrations

Native integrations are integrations that we have prebuilt to work with specific systems that allow you to easily map Cadence to your system of record. They are configuration-based and do not require any custom programming nor development time from the campus. A set of tools exists within Cadence to set up and monitor the data flow.

We have Native Integrations with the following systems: Click on the link below to view the integration specific guide.

Connect (Anthology/Campus Management)

Radius  (Anthology/Campus Management) 

Salesforce (including JRM, TargetX, or any Salesforce system you can create an API user, have contact or lead data and can put that onto a Report/List View). 

Slate (Technolutions)

Ellucian Ethos (Banner, Colleague)

Ellucian Recruit (Microsoft Dynamics)


Note: If you don't see your system on the list above, don't worry! We have other options for you! See below

Manual-File based upload

Our manual file based import is an easy way to get started. It's what many of our clients use and what most of our clients start out with. You can simply upload a .csv or .txt file (up to 5MB) or copy/paste in data to bring your contact data into Cadence.

Manually Importing Contacts 

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Our FTP option is a bi-directional option that allows for a more automated approach to allow your team to automatically import contact data and/or export data from the platform. Cadence will automatically pull an import file from your server and if exports are set up, Cadence will automatically send back message activity, opt out and delivery errors back to your server. 

FTP Integration Guide

A few things to note:

  • The FTP server must be hosted by your institution; in this integration, Cadence acts as the client.
  • SFTP and FTPS are the supported methods; the integration does not support SCP


The API is our most automated and customizable integration option but would require someone on your end (web developer, IT, etc..) with knowledge of your system and writing code to make both systems work together. We have a REST based API that provides a set of methods that allow for the creation and retrieval of student and message data via a set of web services.

We then have Webhooks within Cadence that can be set up to send message activity, opt out changes and delivery failures back.

API Documentation

API Testing

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