Getting Started: New User Guide

Cadence New User Quick Reference Guide

Welcome to Cadence! We're excited to work with you as you use Cadence to reach your team/institution goals. Below you'll find resources that we've put together to help you get started using Cadence or to use for quick reference. 

Within Cadence, you'll also have access to our In-Product training that will walk you through all of the important features.

If you have any questions around using Cadence, best practices or general questions--please reach out to your Client Success Lead.

Let's get started!

Profile Settings

View your Cadence number, set up voice call forwarding, adjust notifications, and manage your Out of Office auto-responder. 

Click here to learn how to manage your profile settings.

Inbox Types and Differences

Each Cadence user can have their own personal Cadence number, be a member of a Shared Inbox, or both! Administrators can also be numberless, meaning they cannot text but can manage other aspects of their Cadence team. 

Click here to learn more about Shared Inboxes.

Sending a Text Message

Send a text to an existing contact. Use templates, merge fields, and MMS to personalize your message. 

Click here to learn how to compose a message.

Sending a Mass Text Message (Segments)

Send a text to a group of contacts, organized into what we call Segments; created based on custom data points or from an existing list of IDs or phone numbers. 

Click here to learn more about Segments.

Managing Replies and Viewing Conversations

Once your message is sent, any replies will come into the inbox from where the message was sent. To learn more about replying to messages, viewing if a message was sent successfully, and searching past conversations, click here.

What if the person I need to text doesn’t exist in Cadence?

  • Before sending a new text, that person needs to be added to Cadence as a contact. 

For information on adding a single contact, click here.

  • Administrators also have the ability to load contacts in bulk through a file import. 

Click here for detailed instructions on the manual data import process, or reach out to your Client Success Lead for a hands-on training!

Ready to take the next step?

Learn more about all of the exciting features Cadence has to assist in your texting campaigns, or schedule some time with your Client Success Lead to discuss your communication plans!

Smart Messages

Send text messages that prompt the recipient(s) for a “yes” or “no” reply, and based on their response, Cadence will automatically send your pre-configured follow-up message.

Auto Reply

Automate a custom reply message when a contact sends you a text with a pre-configured keyword(s) or phrase(s).

Message Tagging

Categorize specific incoming messages for the purpose of continual tracking, future follow-up, task completion, or retargeting.

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