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  • If a contact opts-out of texting, is the contact opted-out across all teams?

    Cadence stores opt-out status on a team-by-team basis as well as a user phone number level. This breakdown shows the different types of opt-outs and the impact each one has: Manually opted-out

  • Texting: Collecting Text Message Consent and Opt Out Status

    Texting: Collecting Text Message Consent and Opt Out Status Before you begin texting your respective audience (prospective students, current students, alumni etc..), whether you're a For-Profit or

  • OptedOut Import Field

    Contact records can be imported into Cadence with a specific opt out status in the OptedOut field. Accepted values for this field include: "yes", "true", "y", "1" to opt a contact out of texting

  • Opt-Out Changes Report

    Overview Note: This article pertains to an area of Cadence that is available to Admin users only. If a contact in Cadence automatically opts out/opts in to texting or is manually opted out/opted in

  • Texting Parents

    Overview Many parents are actually the ones opting in during the admissions process and even afterwards. It is important to understand who you are specifically reaching out to in order to streamline

  • Does Cadence still send messages to mobile phone numbers that are on national "Do Not Call" lists?

    Cadence's SMS provider does not incorporate "Do Not Call" lists. Any messages sent to mobile numbers on these lists will still be processed for delivery through Cadence. In some instances, the

  • Reports-Usage Analytics

    Overview Analytics serves as the hub for understanding Cadence product usage at an individual, team, and organizational level. Users and Admins will be able to effortlessly surface high-level metrics

  • Carrier Trigger Words-Words for Opt Outs and Words to Avoid

    Carrier Trigger Words There are some words that you'll want to make sure you are strategic in using when sending text messages. There are words that carriers have identified as trigger words that can

  • Texting Best Practices Tips

    While texting is a powerful way to engage prospective and current students, there are right and wrong ways to do it. The following resource will explain several tips for effective SMS texting:

  • What happens if I receive a spam text message?

    Why did I receive a spam message? Spammers randomly select 10-digit numbers to text, which is why you received the message. We cannot control which numbers send messages to other phone numbers, as

  • Contact Search Page

    Contact search page allows you to Search for contacts View contact details and message history Search for contacts When your custom fields have been configured, you will be able to search for

  • How should I handle inappropriate text messages?

    If you receive a text response containing obscenities or other inappropriate information, you can choose to "Block" them. Our block feature will block any incoming messages that number from the

  • Client Webinar: Segments (Video)

    Note: New features have been released since this video was made. Some of the settings and interface shown may not completely match the current state of the platform. In this webinar, we cover the

  • Release Notes - 11/2/2016: Department-Specific Opt-Out Management

    *Note: Historical release notes may not completely match the settings or interface of the current platform. Opt Out Preference Changes We have enhanced our interface to better manage opt outs in

  • Manually Import Contacts Into Cadence

    Overview Admins are responsible for importing contact data into the Cadence platform. Imported data allows Cadence users to search for and find records as well as gain some context as to who they are

  • Slate Integration - Exports

    Types of Exports Cadence supports exporting 3 separate files on a daily basis: Message activity - contains all incoming and outgoing text messages since the most recent successful export Opt out

  • High Speed Sending Guide

    Overview High Speed Sending is a feature that leverages a 10-digit toll-free number to allow for fast, high-throughput text messaging. That number is connected to a High Speed Inbox designed

  • Does Cadence support multiple languages?

    Yes. Cadence does accept use of multiple languages and special characters/symbols. For outgoing messages--Cadence generally stores/transmits in unicode, which covers just about every character,

  • Slate Integration - Import Configuration

    Contact Import This integration allows for the automated import of contacts from Slate to Cadence on a daily basis. This import is subject to the same rules and validation as the standard manual

  • Increase Response Rates

    Overview This resource will explain simple actions you can take in order to drive up response rates and increase engagement. The following suggestions are meant to apply to all teams using the

  • Ellucian Recruit Integration - Exports

    Setting up a new Activity Code in Recruit In order to have Cadence text messages show up in Recruit, our integration utilizes the custom message activity entity that Ellucian ships with Recruit. This

  • FTP Integration - Imports

    Configuration From your dashboard, click on Configure Imports to begin. File Information Before imports can begin, settings around the import file need to be established. - File Path: Enter a file

  • Integration Options

    Overview When it comes to bringing in contact data from your system of record (CRM, ERP, SIS etc..), Cadence provides different options to help integrate your system(s) with Cadence. Cadence has

  • Ellucian Recruit Integration - Imports

    Overview Importing contact data requires the creation of a saved view in Recruit based on Opportunities. You can use the Advanced Find tool in Recruit to create the saved view. Make sure that the

  • High Speed Sending - FAQ

    High Speed Sending is a feature that allows teams to leverage text messaging via a toll-free phone number. By doing so, more contacts can be reached with outgoing messages in a shorter time frame

  • Connect Integration - Contact Import Page

    Standard Fields All fields are pulled from the contact record in Connect. We use the Connect Contact ID as the contacts unique identifier in Cadence. Of the four Cadence required fields, only First

  • Admin User Overview

    Overview The Admin role provides full access to users within a specific team. A user can be a Admin in one team or in multiple teams. They also have the ability to be a Admin in one team, while being

  • Segments FAQ

    Q: Can I still make a segment by copying/pasting mobile numbers? A: Yes, if you are not an Admin user, you can navigate to Segments and click [New Segment] to create a segment by copying/pasting

  • Workday Integration Guide

    Overview Cadence offers an automated two-way native integration with Workday. The following points are included in the integration: Contact data automatically loaded from Workday into Cadence

  • Block/Unblock Incoming Messages From a Specific Number

    Overview Block is a tool intended for Cadence users to be able to block any unwarranted messages from a number including things such as spam or harassment. This article will cover: Explanation of how

  • Undelivered Messages

    If there is a problem with text message delivery, Cadence will display an alert indicating that a delivery issue has occurred: Clicking on Not delivered will show details on the delivery issue.

  • Combine/Merge Phone Number Record With Contact Record

    Overview If a contact is imported into Cadence but texts a Cadence user from a mobile number that is different than the one on his/her contact record, that contact will end up with "two" records in

  • Chat Guide

    Overview Cadence Chat provides institutions a way to effectively communicate with contacts that reach out directly from the institution/university website. Cadence Chat blends chatbot automation and

  • Connect Integration Guide

    Overview Cadence offers a fully-automated integration with Campus Management Connect. We provide the following points of integration: Contact data from Connect loaded into Cadence All message

  • Slate Integration Guide

    Overview Cadence offers a fully-automated integration with Technolutions Slate CRM. We provide the following points of integration: Contact data from Slate loaded into Cadence All message activity

  • Radius Integration Guide

    Overview Cadence offers a fully-automated integration with Campus Management Radius. We provide the following points of integration: Contacts from Radius loaded into Cadence All message activity from

  • Ethos Integration - FAQ and Requirements

    What is Ethos? Ethos is a unified platform for standardizing data integration and related functionality in the Ellucian ecosystem. It includes a shared data model, integration APIs, and additional

  • Contact Conversation History

    Would you like to see all conversations that a contact has had within your team? Conversation history provides a view of all message history for a contact and will show every text a contact has sent

  • Tips for Using Cadence for Critical Communications

    Many institutions are facing the challenges of communicating important information and campus updates during this COVID-19 crisis. To help, here are some tips for using Cadence during this time. Know

  • Radius Integration - Contact Import Page

    Import Schedule Data imports can be scheduled to automatically occur nightly or you can manually initiate an import at any time. Enable Nightly Import will automatically import changed/new records

  • Bulk Actions and Managing the Messages Area

    The Messages area is your hub for managing your texting conversations and history. Several workflow functions are available within the area and they have been designed to make navigating it intuitive

  • Shared Inbox Overview

    Overview Shared Inboxes are team-specific, inboxes that multiple users can access. They are intended for a team-based approach to texting outreach. Shared inboxes allow you to reach larger groups of

  • Auto Reply FAQs

    Tags What is a tag? A "tag" is an identifier on a contact, not on a message like you may be familiar with using Campaigns. A tag allows you to identify any contacts who have sent an incoming message

  • Shared Inbox Best Practices

    Reasons to Create a Shared Inbox Shared inboxes are best for teams that want to have a centralized area for texting communication. This team-based approach allows you to provide contacts with

  • Salesforce Integration - Contact Import Page

    Importing Leads and/or Contacts Into Cadence Cadence supports importing contact records and/or lead records from Salesforce. You can import one or the other, or both. The process is the same for both

  • Team Notification Settings

    Overview Admins have the ability to configure emails notifications for specific events within Cadence. These email notifications are useful for ensuring that contact data in your system of record

  • Resolve Import Errors

    Overview Cadence does not import individual records that have errors. Any records that do not have errors will import successfully. When an error occurs for a specific record, it is logged and saved

  • Release Notes - 4/18/2017: Mobile App Updates

    *Note: Historical release notes may not completely match the settings or interface of the current platform. Cadence Mobile App Updates An updated version of the Cadence mobile app (v1.2.3) is now

  • Release Notes - 9/10/2018: Bulk Actions, Message Search, and Workflow Enhancements

    *Note: Historical release notes may not completely match the settings or interface of the current platform. Bulk Actions Work more efficiently by taking action on multiple conversations at the same

  • FTP Integration - Exports

    Configuration From your dashboard, click on Configure Exports to begin. Available Exports There are three different types of exports that can be configured. All are optional and are configured and